Cookhouse or a SALVAGER of Beauty

Ever looked at your kitchen and said , Damn why is it so messy ?
Messy kitchen because of the leftovers ?
Urghhh smells like shit , isn’t it?
How refreshing is it to have a tea early morning . But do you know the left over , the tea bags can be your beauty Savior !!
Late night work , reading books , stress , texts, compromising on your beauty sleep leads to DARK CIRCLES .
Damn !! no use of beautiful eyes if they have a dark well under them .
Tea bags are the best to cure dark circles  .
The best part about it is that it is economic and has no side effects .
There are other creams as well but then they cost you more than 300 bucks and might have side effects because it has certain chemicals .
Where as natural remedies  are always the best for skin related problems .
Even the peels of different vegetables and fruits can be the best
Face packs ever. Of course you need to add some ingredients for a magical face pack. Which is again cheap and best .
Some of easiest homemade face packs are
1. Mint pack: take some fresh mint and add Luke warm water to make fine paste then add turmeric powder in small quantity . apply it on your face , leave for 10-15 min then wast it thoroughly.
2. Tomato pulp paste
As the name suggests , you just need to take the tomato pulp and add little bit of water apply it on your face .
3. Banana peel mask
Add sugar crystals to the flesh side of banana peel and  rub it like a loofa. Though it is not recommended for people with oily skin.
4. Orange Anti tan mask
Dried orange peels can do wonders , when you add honey and turmeric powder to it . It is one of the best remedy for tanning.
You must have heard that papaya peel has so many uses one of them is for pigmentation.
You should rub the papaya peel on the affected area for pigmentation.

Scrubbing is one such beauty method that should be done almost everyday.
A lot of beauty brands make different types of scrubs that  are available in the market.
But you know what you can easily make a scrubbing mask right at your home in just few minutes.

Wheat is an essential ingredient For cooking and can be easily found in your kitchen.
Wheat husk can be used as  one of the best scrub .
Add 2-3 tablespoons of milk and few drops of lemon to The wheat husk
And it will result in an incredible scrubbing mask which removes stubborn blackheads and make your skin flawless.

Now moving on  from the beautiful face to the long luscious  hair

Cinnamon powder when mixed with honey gives you amazingly long hair and strengths it.
Eggs , curds are evergreen but try this one out I’m sure you won’t regret it !!

So now don’t be fussy when u see a messy kitchen. And stop nonchalantly throwing away these beauty rescuer.

P.s Lakme is offering 30% on hair spa I’m going today .
Because hair spa at home isn’t a good option



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