Hair , Hair everywhere !!

Wuhhuuuu summers are here !! Who doesn’t loves sunglasses, sunscreens, cute floral dresses etc. But do you know hair fall is quite common during summers
Most of the time we forget to look after our hair in summers . We tend to focus more on our skin and other things .
So now I’m gonna tell you about few quick hair tricks that can help your hair look good in summers , will reduce hairfall and will make them manageable.

suggestions are welcomed 🙂
Here are few hairdos that can make you look hot as well as cool this summer 😍
1. Tie it up in a messy bun : Buns are always trending . hair buns have been trending since the golden era. Tying up your hair in a bun will make you look cool and hot at the same time . it will also look make you feel comfortable and you will feel less heat.
You can carry this hairdo at various places and occasions
For eg. When you go to the gym for a workout or when you go out for shopping , even on a date this hairdo can be carried (in a neat bun though).

2.Beachy waves are the best hairdo one can have when on a long vacation . Beachy waves suit any length of hair and look extremely hot when done properly . beachy waves can be tied in a messy  ponytail or can be left open with a hairband or a any other hair accessory.
Beachy waves will help you get the “chick” look .
So try this one this summer

3.Bangs : This is one such hairstyle that can completely change your look .
Bangs can be combined with straight hair or waves.
Bangs can be of different size full length, mid length or top length.
Though bangs do not suit all face type but this is indeed a funky hairstyle which adds to your personality.
Bangs can be of different types
1.Side bangs


2.Straight bangs


3.Partitioned bangs


4. Braids are all time favorite. Simple, quick , elegant and neat. Braids are evergreen. The best part about braids is that they suit every hair type and face type
Women having short hair can also. Carry a braid using hair extensions .
Braids are nowadays combined with ponytails or a bun .
There are different types of braids
1.Regular braid
2.Dutch braid
3.Rope braid
4.Fish tail braid
5.French braid
6.Halo braid
7.Waterfall braid
8.Dual texture braid etc.

Braids are always in fashion and will never go out of fashion
You should probably try one out of all these lovely braids
Just like braids , ponytails are also evergreen and are easy to carry .
They are also suitable for every hair type
Ponytails are also of different types which can give you different looks  from simple casual to dynamic cooperate look.
From retro chick to glam doll
So you should definitely try this one out .

5. Bob : Bob hair cuts are so popular these days .
From short and simple Bob to lenthy shoulder Bob . this hairstyle is catching everyone’s attention these days .
Many celebrities are nowadays more interested in short hairdo than long ones
This gives them a new look and also make them look much younger.
Here are some Bob hairdo, you can choose from

6.Pixie cut is best suited for women who have no time to take care of their hair . Busy schedules, fast moving lifestyles do not let them take out time for hair care . working professionals are nowadays adapting pixie haircut which freshens their look and gives them comfort also.


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