t3The pain for home lives in all of us , the place where we can go whenever we feel like , where we can feel safe and secure and not questioned about !!
Now the question that arises is !
Are we really safe at home anymore??
There have been cases about sexual harassment within the house !!
I’m not saying that every home is unsafe or we should stop trusting our own relatives .
Its just that we need to be more alert and should know what is happening around us . I would like to share my own experience!
I once ordered a pair of shoes online . The online shopping site promised me to deliver it within 2 days , I was eagerly waiting for the same !!
It was 12 at noon when my door bell suddenly rang !! I could hear the bell ringing but cudnt open the door as I was taking bath and obviously I was naked , also no one was at home to open the door  . I took my time got myself dressed to open the door . oh I was so happy my shoes finally got delivered . however all that excitement turned into a nightmare when that delivery boy pushed me and just entered my house
He asked me for a glass of water , I thought it’s already very hot outside so probably I should give him a glass of water I went inside the kitchen to fetch him a glass of water .By the time I came outside towards the living area I saw that guy sitting comfortably on the couch !! I was like wtf?? I asked him to get off the couch and wait outside the door till the time I’m checking the shoe size !!
But he just didn’t bother to listen and said I’ll help u to try the shoe and said ” aap daariye mat ! Me bus boht thakk gya tha isiliye yaha beth gya , yeh lijiye shoe try krlo ”
I thot may b I’m overthinking so much so I just let it be .
But then , while I was trying the shoes he tried to touch my feet. I was shocked and said ” Bhaiya yeh theek hai bus ab aap jaaiye ” I just wanted him to leave now !! But he was not ready to leave and said ” ek glass paani aur dedo plz ” … I had that water bottle in my hand I handed him that bottle and said” Bhaiya yeh bottle rakhlo aapke kaam aaegi aur ab jaao plz ”
He slowly picked his bag and was dragging it slowly slowly …… I was walking behind him suddenly he turned and pushed me backwards and tried to close the door !! I started shouting , I was so fucking scared !! My heart was in my mouth . But then I heard the noise of walking steps and It was my neighbor who had come to ask for something and I was like “thank god ” .. Listening to the noise the delivery boy lifted his back and just went outside !!! I was so relieved, I felt as if I just woke up from a nightmare !!
Not only outside but sometimes you are not safe at your home even !!!
After this experience I feel unsafe at home whenever I’m alone !!
This was an incident where an outsider tried to harass me
But I HV also heard cases in which not only outsiders but one’s own realative or family members tend to harass people !! Its high time !! We all need to take a stand against sexual harassment . No place is safe or unsafe for an individual its the harasser who makes it unsafe for an individual !


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