Myths About Sexual Harassment

“Over & over you tried , over & over I  cried , over & over you lied , I don’t know why”

“Just bcoz I move thru a public space does not mean that my body is a public space “!!!

“Sexual harassment ” …..  What is it ? What  do u perceive it to be ?
Umm it’s big word …. But I’m sure most of you might have a different meaning to it
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding sexual harassment ..
#1 Only women face sexual harassment and only men are sexual harassers4
# Fact : Most of you think that only girls face sexual harassment and usually boys initiate it …
May be this patriarchal society forces you to think it that way however regardless of gender anyone can face harassment or even can be a harasser
According to a recent study there has been 16% of rise in male sexual harassment since last year. So a harasser can be anyone and this myth is absolutely false
#2 Sexual Harassment requires touching and is often called as rape
#Fact : Harassment can be anything ; staring, stalking , following, making comments, pushing, touching etc. Anything which is unwelcomed by the victim is called harassment be it verbal or physical or anything .
Forced conversations, cat calls , obscene gestures are some of the common types of sexual harassment.
#3 If you will ignore it , it won’t happen again          2
# Fact : Woah !! This is the most common myth that people still believe and it also practiced widely . generally we are asked to shut up and ignore whatever happened
Ppl generally believe that if we’ll try to escape from a problem deb it’ll vanish automatically
But u knw wat that’s absolutely wrong !!
If we try to ignore something or if we try to escape from a situation then the harasser tends to think that the victim is weak and wud probably not take any action . and therefore they keep on harassing the victim and sometimes the harassment increases to such an extent that the victim even commits suicide. So its high time !! Stand up and intervene. Ignoring is not a solution infct its an advantage fir the harasser.
#4 It was just a compliment !
# Fact: Well ! this myth is many times accepted by the victim itself , as most ppl think that its OK if we receive a compliment about how we look! However some comments are not compliments but can have all together a different meaning which might offend the other person ! Harassment can be verbal too ! And it is not necessary that compliments are always pleasing
For eg. ” wow you’re looking sexy ” …
This comment may sound pleasing to someone but it might also offend the other person .
So don’t think that it’s just a compliment !
#5 Sexual harassment occurs only when their is power difference between individuals                                        
# Fact : “Power difference ” this is a very hyped topic to talk about , as most of the violence occur due to power difference . but there’s something more to it when it comes to sexual harassment. In most of the cases we generally see a power difference among the victim and the harasser however sexual harassment can also occur between peers of same age !! So this is just a misconception that only power difference causes harassment .
#6 Sexual harassment can occur only between a man and a woman.1
#Fact : The days are gone when only women were subjected to violence  . sexual harassment can occur between two individuals of same sex ! Be it two men or two women or any other gender .
Harassment sees no gender barrier, if it has to happen it can happen with anyone and everyone.
#7 Women who look good are the only one who are sexually harassed
#Fact : People generally think that only good looking women are subjected to sexual harassment !

Which is absolutely false ! There have been cases where old women have been sexually harassed and this is not just one case but if you go through newspapers you’ll get to see many !
Looking good is not a crime , if I look good nobody has a right to harass me or bully me.

#8 Women provoke men to  sexually harass them by the way they dress6
# Fact : This is one such myth that we get to hear every time we see a case of sexual harassment
Living in such a patriarchal society,  women get to hear a lot of criticism about the way they dress up !!
I mean like seriously ! If only women wearing short clothes are sexually harassed then why do we get to see people raping a 2 year old girl and a 60 year old lady ??
Do they also provoke these jerks to sexually harass them
Girls wearing burkhas are also harassed and a girl wearing hot pants is also harassed
So how does the kind of clothes a girl wears matters?
If a person has to rape a girl , he will rape her no matter what she is wearing !!
So there’s nothing wrong with the clothes but with the kind of mindset ppl have about a girl who is wearing short clothes !
The kind of clothes she wears does not defines her character !!
And she is not # Askingforit
So stop blaming girls for wearing ” wrong clothes ”
These are some of the myths and misconceptions that you might have come across .  So think wisely and act smart .                           5
#stop sexual harassment


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